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Welcome To The Hidden Talents Fiber Arts Collection

I’m Alicia Evans, a fiber artist in New York.

I am…

Emerging, embracing and sharing abstract perspectives from varying dimensions.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me at:  diamondlight411@yahoo.com or 516 761 9444

More About The Work:






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Ms. Evans is an esteemed professor of public relations in the City University of New York–one of the nation’s largest higher ed institutions. Her acclaimed background includes managing PR campaigns for top Fortune 500 corporations including JP Morgan Chase, AVIS, Kraft Foods, Dunkin’ Donuts, Merck, Ortho MacNeil, BP Amoco, Maybelline Cosmetics, the United Nation and the Apollo. She has represented celebrities, art events and  curated national travelling art shows. Ms. Evans is also a professional facilitator and founder of The Living Room Experience(R): Where Meaningful Chats Change Lives–a travelling talk show program.

 While operating in the PR world by day, the night hours for Ms. Evans includes meticulously weaving to create unique stories through fiber art. Taught the craft by her mother and grandmother, after decades of inner urgings, Ms. Evans felt compelled to return to her roots but with a new focus on visual arts. She also creates unique woven jewelry items.

 Ms. Evans has been crafting art for 30+ years. 

 Tribal Influence/Native Charm

Many describe the work of Ms. Evans as a marvelous “hidden talent” which moves the soul. Her work reveals hints of tribal influence and native charm. Ms. Evans notes each piece is divinely inspired with designs created from flashes of visual imagery. Uniquely noted is that each piece is “charged” upon a beautiful white selenite gemstone from South American insuring every item prompts inner peace, harmony and goodwill upon all who see the fine arts works and those who adorn the custom-made woven jewelry. Each item serves to enhance one’s awareness and positions the one to shift into perfect alignment with creative source.

 Ms. Evans work is inspired every single day by countless visuals from life.  Whether it’s the swirls in carpets while standing on a bank line; the curves of the clouds as a rainstorm comes in; bare tree branches painted upon a crisp blue skies, circles in a vanilla ice cream custard or lighted stage rings on the circus stage—all become entrenched in her artistic mind’s eye.  She describes being moved to capture images within the art of weaving to re-interpret and re-structure these live swatches into renewed life delicately crafted abstracts of fiber art. Ms. Evans inspired to create stories and set them out in the societal pastures

 Her work is branded in nature by using wool, bamboo, wooded beads, sea shells and more.  Ms. Evans purposely creates her artwork to embrace varied possibilities of interpretation which allow viewers to set their mind free to travel, to themselves be creative, to delve into framing an alliance with what they see and name it, claim it, as they see it.

 Whether through symmetry or spirals, cleverly crafted diamonds or circles or elaborate fiber basket weave, when Ms. Evans creates, her mind becomes free flowing not knowing exactly what the finish art will be until it is truly complete.  Two stitches here and a turn there and another row here and a overlap down there…with fine-tuned focus…she weaves and weavesand proudly proclaims:

I am weaver, I am shifted through my weaving, free to flow and create. 

I become free to inspire others to be inspired.


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